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Drilling The Napa Valley...

Anymore questions you might have about your property, feel free to call us anytime- we are more than happy to consult with you for no charge and offer our advice. We want to get to know you and build a good relationship.

Choosing a drill location:


There are a number of things to consider when selection a drilling site. First and foremost, the site must be accessible for the drilling equipment to get in and out. When we meet with you, we will advise on the best place and if needed, we have a skilled crew and tractors to make roads and create a place that will work. Power lines must also be considered, as well as other utilities. It is always best to have the property marked by "Miss Utility" prior to beginning any excavation on your property. It is also very important that ample space is provided to your drilling contractor for the construction of your well. It is a very dangerous business and the workers need room to construct your well properly. 



As far as locating the best 'spot' to find water, we have been drilling in the Napa Valley our entire lives, we know all of the valley's areas and most likely we drilled your neighbors well, so we know from experience. Some geological areas are more conducive to finding water than others. The formation or geology encountered will determine the success of your well, in most cases. If your well is being drilled in an area that is noted for low yield wells, more time should be put into the selection of your drilling site. While this is no guarantee that success will be obtained, every effort should be made to enhance the possibilities. We approach difficult drilling sites in much the same way that a Hydrogeologist would. It seems that more success has been obtained by drilling near visible faults or fractures then when not. Often times, it is advisable to locate a well off of the top of a hill. While this does not hold true 100% of the time, the percentages seem to be in your favor when this advice is followed. In the hardest places to find water we suggest you have your property water witched. We provide one of the best water witchers in the valley and at a small fee, it saves you money by finding water the first time. For more information look on our water witching page

Our Driller:


Hank Hardister, our foreman and head driller, has been drilling in the Napa Valley for over 15 years.  His experience and professionalism are paramount to the success of your well and water supply. Hank will walk you through every step of the drilling process, ensuring you understand the effect on your land, the cost and future of your well. If you have any questions at all, please call us 707-337-3852.



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